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Sooner Trailers

Well built. Those two words have been synonymous with Sooner equine trailers for generations. Because with a 50 year company history, Sooner certainly knows how to build a premium quality, durable trailer. Everything that goes into a Sooner, such as its quality materials, advanced engineering and skilled workmanship, ensures that when you purchase a Sooner, you're investing in a quality product that will last for years to come. But don't take our word for it. Browse through the newly-designed Sooner website and see the Sooner Difference for yourself. We're sure that you'll like what you see.


Experience. Sooner has been building trailers for over 50 years. And the people manufacturing Sooner aluminum trailers today have over 30 years of experience in producing high-quality aluminum trailers. No other aluminum trailer company has a team of key people with this many years of experience in producing aluminum gooseneck trailers. And Because Sooner is part of Universal Trailer Corporation we can provide you peace-of-mind that we will there for you, providing support, including warranty work. Universal is the largest manufacturer of specialized trailers and has the financial stability to meet your trailer needs over the long haul.


Horse owners now have a choice between aluminum and steel trailers. Aluminum trailers traditionally hold their value longer and, with just minimum maintenance, are far less likely to rust and corrode. Plus, most trailer owners report that aluminum trailers pull much easier. However, if you choose to purchase an aluminum trailer, make sure that's what you're actually getting. Many companies producing "aluminum" trailers are in fact only wrapping the frame in aluminum sheeting. Unfortunately, beneath the sheeting on these so-called "aluminum" trailers is a heavy steel frame. Steel will rust if exposed to the elements. Even if it is painted or coated, rocks, debris and the constant flex of the trailer as it travels can peel or chip the coating and allow moisture to do its dirty work. 


Sooner trailers are manufactured with an extruded floor that is corrugated allowing the floor mat to “air out” underneath. Some trailer manufacturers use a flat floor that will “sag” between the cross members or an all extruded board that is flat, allowing the rubber mat no “breathing” room to air out. Some other trailer manufacturers use side-to-side extruded planks that lack proper drainage. The Sooner extruded flooring is “interlocking”, and when our extrusion “locks” together it provides for one of the strongest floors in the industry. With a full-length extruded floor running length wise and 4 inch “I-beams” running width wise, our floors are built like a house!


The interior wall and floor frame on every Sooner trailer is all aluminum. Many trailers manufacturers use a heavy steel inner wall and floor frame that is covered with an exterior aluminum floor or wall sheet providing a rust and deterioration point inside of your new “aluminum” trailer. Be sure and do the “magnet test” on the floor and side-wall sections when shopping for your next trailer. Some manufacturers attempt to side step the rust issue on the steel frames they use by powder coating them, and then they breech the coating by drilling thousands of holes into the steel, allowing for the rust process to begin.


The roof on your trailer is an extremely important component for the overall structure and for climate control. All Sooner trailers feature a one-piece roof system that ties to the upright posts adding additional strength and durability. Some trailer manufacturers use composite materials that are laminated, which can be affected by the elements, are subject to de-lamination and water leaks, and don’t add strength to the construction of the trailer.


In the trailer industry, safety starts up front. With safety in mind, we designed our kingpin so that our coupler tube uses a pass-through design that allows for two-point welding; creating a much safer design than the butt-welded design used by many other manufacturers. We have a full-frame modular nose design which extends into the drop area, which is designed to absorb impact to help keep your precious cargo safe. Other aluminum trailer manufacturers do not use a full-frame nose construction in order to save money, but at the expense of safety.

Trailer Living Quarters

Sooner Living Quarter interiors are manufactured by Sierra interiors; people with over 41 years of experience in producing premium, top-quality interiors in the RV industry. These T. R. Arnold approved interiors are some of the best you will find. A complete state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has been designed to allow each Sooner Living Quarters interior to be manufactured with the quality and attention to detail that is required when producing a product that is a step above other manufacturers.


One area to look at is the trailer’s fasteners. Sooner trailers are manufactured with huck bolt type fasteners. These are the same fasteners used in the semi-trailer industry. These fasteners are xylan coated and will not rust, turn black or bleed onto your new aluminum trailer. Be sure your next trailer is built with the xylan - huck type fasteners installed in the sub-frame and kingpin areas.


Sooner trailers have some of the longest warranties in the business. We stand behind our horse and livestock trailers with a 7-year warranty on the frame, which includes top rail, bottom rail, cross member, I-beam, and main drop gussets. All other manufactured parts (excluding wear items) come with a three-year warranty. 

Horse Trailer Stalls

All interior walls in the horse area on all Sooner models are lined floor to roof. All horse trailers are lined with .100 thickness aluminum side sheets on the bottom 4 feet of the horse area for safety and longevity. Some other trailer manufacturers line their horse area too, but remember to ask about the thickness and make sure its aluminum!

Horse Trailer Stall Safety

Inspect the horse area and make sure that there are not any unsafe, protruding parts. Divider latches found on all Sooner products are by far the best in the industry. Our patented divider latch is flush mounted in a sidewall providing for a clean, smooth wall surface when the dividers are in the open position. Each divider features a spring loaded hinge point allowing your dividers to remain open when loading your trailer, which reduces the chance of injury during loading and unloading that is possible when the dividers are swinging in a half open, half closed position. Be sure and look at the latch system when shopping for your next aluminum trailers.

Sooner Horse Trailers Company Info

Sooner Trailer was founded in 1956 by Francis Cobb. The company didn't actually build trailers then, but the idea for constructing top quality devices for transporting animals began when someone needed a stock rack and Cobb agreed to build it for them. From these humble beginnings, Sooner Trailer grew under the ownership of the Bernhardt family of Duncan, Oklahoma to build premium quality custom aluminum trailers to meet the needs of the most discriminating and experienced buyer. 

Over the years, Sooner has continued to grow its range of products to build thousands of horse and livestock trailers each year. Today, Sooner trailers are manufactured in El Reno, Oklahoma, and are distributed across the United States via approximately 90 dealers located in over 35 states and internationally via its dealerships located in 5 provinces of Canada. 

In 2003, Sooner Trailer became the third member of the Universal Trailer (UTC) family of brands, the largest specialty trailer manufacturer in North America. Today, UTC produces a broad selection of cargo, horse, livestock, motor sport, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, concession, custom and specialty trailers. Its brands — Haulmark, Exiss, Sooner, Featherlite and Miley — are signposts on the Road to Excellence.